The starry nights of Tenerife

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Starry Nights of Tenerife Who has not dreamed once with a beautiful and romantic starry night? Where do the stars shine with more brilliance? The answer is simple:

In Tenerife on the Teide, the highest peak in Spain (3,718 m.), There, in one of the clearest skies in the world, is where you will be closest to them and you will see them shine with all their splendor. So clean is the Tenerife sky of atmospheric and light pollution that you will believe you can reach with your own hands.

Starry nights in Tenerife to let your imagination fly

Turn your eyes upwards and the whole sky vault with stars will appear before your eyes like a huge dome, a great sea of ​​lights in which you can perfectly distinguish the constellations, the stars, the universe and …. let your imagination fly to infinity.




Alquiler coches Tenerife para ver la lluvia de estrellas

Of course the best nights for the observation of the stars is when the moon is in the waning phase or new moon and if it also coincides in August you will have the added gift of seeing shooting stars or the rain of the Perseids, which observed from Las Cañadas del Teide they are an unforgettable spectacle. Prepare yourself well for the occasion, take some shelter even if it is summer, and something to eat and drink to celebrate, rent a car in Tenerife with Autos Plaza that are cheap and at sunset the road climbs towards Teide Through La Orotava and wait until nightfall, then you will feel one of the most beautiful emotions of life, look in the darkness upwards and see the sky full of stars.

Let’s not forget that the August moon is very powerful and bright, that’s why at AUTOS PLAZA we especially recommend this place so that in the company of the Perseids alive an unforgettable and pleasant experience of your stay on the island. Starry nights in Tenerife, an experience not to forget.

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