mapa-puerto-de-la-cruz-oficinasCar hire in Puerto de la Cruz.

If you are traveling to Tenerife and staying in Puerto de la Cruz, don’t hesitate to book your car with AUTOS PLAZA, your trusted partner for car rentals. We offer the best car rental service in Puerto de la Cruz.

Experts in the industry with extensive experience, operating in Tenerife since 1985.  We work with our own vehicles choosing only the finest brands, placing a large fleet at your service so that you can easily choose the car that best suits your needs: sedans, family cars, minibuses, and even cars with automatic transmissions.

In addition, we offer free parking (Calle Mequinez, 63) for the car you hire at any of our rent-a-car outlets in Puerto de la Cruz.

Locations in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)

You can pick up your car at any of our locations in Puerto de la Cruz: near the beach and the Martianez Lakes, in the Plaza del Charco, or in the old Fisherman’s Quarter. Here are the address and telephone details for each:


  • Central de Reservas.
    Tel: 922 373 537
  • Av. Venezuela, 2 (oficina).
    Tel: 922 383 433
    GPS:N-S: 28.41825 E-W:16.54381
  • Plaza del Charco, 1 (oficina).
    Tel: 922 385 827
    GPS:N-S:28.41746 E-W:16.55463
  • Av. Familia Betancourt y Molina,31 (oficina).
    Tel: 922 373 714
    GPS: 28.41769, 16.54312
  • Calle Mequinez, 63 (garaje).
    Tel: 922 383 240
    GPS: N-S:28.41746 E-W:16.55463

Schedule (Offices)

  • Lunes a viernes
    9h-13h, 16h-20h
  • Sábados:
  • Domingos y festivos:

1 hora menos en Canarias con respecto a la Península


Fachada del Garaje_Retocada_Web639


Parking schedule (Free parking)

  • Lunes a viernes: 9h-13h, 16h-20h
  • Sábados: 9h-13h, 16h-20h
  • Domingos: cerrado
  • Festivos: 9h-13h

1 hora menos en Canarias con respecto a la Península




Car Hire in Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife

Autos Plaza allows you to rent your car in Puerto de la Cruz and return it on a specified date. This way you can start your vacation right away and enjoy North Tenerife, and the entire island as well.

Whether you want to stay in one of the various hotels in the centre of Puerto de la Cruz, visit and experience the impressive fauna and natural wonders of the islands, see the Cave of Winds, or visit the Drago Milenario (a massive, solitary dracaena tree, an icon of Tenerife), the most comfortable and easy to use option is Autos Plaza.

Whether you are staying in the city centre or are simply an Autos Plaza customer, if you would like to experience a vibrant atmosphere full of bars, restaurants, and people from all walks of life, you can use our parking garage at Calle Mezquinez 63. Just book in advance, park for free, and enjoy Puerto de la Cruz!

At Autos Plaza, while we have 4 convenient offices around Puerto de la Cruz for car rental, you can organize the pickup and return of your rental right in our garage at Calle Mezquinez 63 in the centre of town. Or if you wish, you can opt to pick up the car in our garage and then return it to the nearest and most convenient office of any of those that we have in Tenerife. We are the car hire company that offers you the greatest convenience when it comes to picking up and/or returning your vehicle.

We also have vans with the capacity for stowing your scuba diving or water sport equipment, as well as vans seating 7 for large families or groups of friends traveling together.